Thursday, April 5, 2012

"Butch" and "Mac" and Easter Bunnying

Our feral tom cat "Butch" came home this morning, newly neutered. He was so happy to be let loose again in the yard! All the females are feeling a bit more at ease now, I think.

I'm still getting used to my new laptop; I will have to schedule some "one on ones" at the Apple store. I lost all my iPhoto files, but will be able to copy the ones I posted here and recreate at least some of them. I used to have Google as my home page, but now I can't figure out how to do that. The Mac "genius" showed me quickly how to set up separate desktops, but I can't remember how he did it.

I really don't think I need an iPad. I bought a Kindle Fire for a lot less money a while ago, and it seems to do everything I would want from an iPad. I've already watched a number of movies on it, including the whole first season of "Downton Abbey".

I'm busy getting ready to host Easter dinner for my extended family this Sunday. The Easter baskets are ready for the six children and the plastic eggs are all stuffed with candy and quarters and hidden. I have all my recipes ready, and I begin cooking tomorrow. I will take photos; they will be the first on the new MacBook!


Pam said...

Hi Judy! Having been away for awhile I'm enjoying catching up with your previous posts - family, and trip away - Happy Easter too!

judy in ky said...

Hi Pam, it's good to hear from you, thanks for visiting. Happy Easter to you!