Thursday, March 8, 2012

We Grow Cats!

This is what it looks like every morning at our house, when the feral cats come to the back door for breakfast.

That big black one is "Big Blackie". He has developed a bond with my husband, and waits to be petted every morning.

These are the cats that live with us. Tinkerbell, on the left, came to us as a feral cat. Katie, on the right, is a Maine Coon cat who used to be an "only cat" before we adopted the other three (Tiger is not shown this time; he's Tinkerbell's brother.)

This is Munchkin. She came to us as a feral cat, too. Munchkin has a personality like a mix of cat and puppy; she's very friendly and interacts with us the most. She also sleeps on my feet every night.


Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

This makes me happy.
My brother called this morning, weeping... their cat, Georgie, was fatally hit by a car. They have two children, but they always called sweet Georgie their baby. They really can become a part of the family. I love how much you give to your indoor, and outdoor family.

rachel said...

Lovely... but what will happen to them if you move away? I find myself worrying about them all.....

judy in ky said...

Natalie, I feel so sad for your brother. Sweet Georgie, I'm so sorry.

Rachel, we won't be moving for a while, after my husband retires. We won't move until we know someone will care for them. We have some other cat loving people in our neighborhood, too.