Monday, March 19, 2012

Our California Trip - From Sushi to Hangtown

Last week we were in California, visiting family and friends. First, we visited our daughter and granddaughter in Sunnyvale. The birthday party was on Saturday. I posted photos of the party yesterday. Later, we took the birthday girl to her favorite sushi restaurant.

The next day we headed toward Placerville to visit friends. On our way we stopped in Livermore, where there is a family owned winery and a golf course.

We spent a pleasant hour or so, tasting wine and talking to the hospitable and knowledgeable wine maker.

Sunset in Sacramento, where we stopped for the night:

We went to Placerville to visit friends of my husband's from their school days in Michigan. His friends dated in high school and college, and have been together all these years. They started out in Michigan, traveled from there to California on a motorcycle several times, and finally settled in California. They built a house on a ten acre plot in ElDorado County. They also built a house for his mom, who spends winters here. I took this photo as we followed them to their house, down a long, narrow, winding road. As you can see, it was rainy there. They were happy because they really needed rain.

We stayed at a charming little B&B in Placerville. It's tucked back on a hill at the end of a street; if you weren't looking for it you wouldn't know it was there. This is our room:

The sitting room, which we had all to ourselves:

The dining room, where we had breakfast by the fireplace. The food was delicious! We had Eggs Benedict, omelettes, fresh fruit and home-baked bread.

The innkeepers are a young couple who were most hospitable and friendly. They made us feel right at home. In case you are ever in Placerville, I recommend the Glen Morey House B & B.

Speaking of Placerville, it's a small, historic town that is fun to explore.

An old-fashioned hardware store: as they told us, "if we don't have it, you probably don't need it".

Our friends run a truly amazing place called "Animal Outreach". I have so much to say about it that I am going to save it for a post all its own.


Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Judy, this post and the last... such wonderful evidence of a really great trip!

judy in ky said...

Thanks Natalie, it's good to hear from you. Wait till you see the next post, about the Animal Outreach... it's amazing!