Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Birthday in Sunnyvale

Last week we flew into San Francisco, then drove south to Sunnyvale. We came for our granddaughter's birthday party. She just turned seven. Here she is with her new American Girl doll, which my husband brought in his suitcase. The doll's name is McKenna. Our granddaughter's middle name is Makena. It's pronounced the same, but the spelling is different because Makena is named for a beach on Maui.

The party was a teddy bear tea party. All the guests brought their teddy bears.

They made crowns for their teddy bears:

The tables were set for a tea party:

Mom made tea sandwiches and an amazing, technicolor cake.

The birthday party was a success; a party on a sunny day in Sunnyvale. This was the first day of our trip to California. Later in the week, we headed north to Placerville. I have lots of photos from there, too. Those will be in my next post.

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Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

What a sweet looking party... love the theme, and all the pretty details... especially the birthday girl and her guests!
What a nice way to begin your California visit.