Monday, March 19, 2012

Animal Outreach

When we were planning our trip to California, my husband began trading emails with his school friends who are living in Placerville. When I found out they were running an animal clinic and sanctuary, I wanted to be sure to see it. They call it Animal Outreach, and it was so much more than I could have imagined. I wish every community could have one like it.

This is our friend Bob in the large room where rescued cats live until they are adopted. Bob's wife Margie began as a volunteer at Animal Outreach; she and Bob became members of the board, and over the years Margie has become the force behind it all, with a lot of help and support from Bob.

They expanded the space by renting a large warehouse, then created separate rooms for the myriad of services, furnished it, did plumbing, electricity, etc. They have three washers and dryers going full-time to provide clean bedding and towels.

The kitties seem content and comfortable. Most of them were very friendly, coming up to us to be petted. The atmosphere was very homelike for them.

I fell in love with this little kitten who was waiting to be spayed.

For cats not suited to indoor living, there is an area for future barncats until people come to adopt a barncat or mouser.

We were able to visit the surgery area, where the animals are spayed and neutered.

We watched as kitties were prepped for surgery. The clinic employs several trained vet technicians and a very dedicated vet, all of whom work long hours. There are also many volunteers working in the sanctuary.

Here is the vet, performing surgery. She has spayed as many as 80 cats a day.

I was amazed and inspired by Animal Outreach. They are doing such a great job. I wish there were more like them. It has become the focus of Margie and Bob's lives. They explained that since they don't have children of their own, this is where much of their money and energy goes.

Tomorrow: our last day in California; another amazing place and a new love of mine.


Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Judy, this is amazing!
Thank you for sharing all the details, and great photos.
Your friends, Margie and Bob, are wonderful, and I deeply appreciate the love and generosity they share to make those kitty's lives, and ours, better.

littlemancat said...

That is just wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

Jenn Jilks said...

A wonderful tour!
We have a similar place near us.
A shame that there are so many feral cats about.

Greetings from Cottage Country!

judy in ky said...

I agree with you all. There is a huge need to care for feral cats. We need more places like this. Thanks for your comments.