Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's All Good!

Our last day in California was full of good things. First we went here:

and this is who went with us:

Click photo below to see our granddaughter's reaction... I love it!

The California Academy of Sciences was a wonder to me! It's one of those places where I walk in and say "wow!". The space is breathtaking; but it was so much more than that.

The rainforest was spectacular. A climate inside a bubble, with walkways winding around, up and down, inside. There were butterflies, birds, frogs, and jungly plants. It's like another world!

This place is very cool! (Well, actually it's pretty warm and humid, but you know what I mean!)

They check you for butterflies when you come out, in case one happens to light upon your shoulder.

We saw so many different kinds of creatures here:

This was the back seat on the way back to Sunnyvale:

Then I had another new experience and fell in love: with this...


(wish we had this at home!)


Bearette said...

there is a pinkberry right near me!

judy in ky said...

Lucky you! Maybe it's better that I don't have it. I might gain weight.