Monday, March 5, 2012

Taking Shelter

Last Friday we had tornado warnings. Tornadoes did strike in counties all around us, in Kentucky to the north and south and in Indiana to the west. We were lucky this time; it missed us. But one warning was enough. Over the weekend we prepared a designated an area in our basement to be a tornado shelter.

I grew up thinking that the safest place in the house would be on the side from which the tornado approaches, which for us would be the southwest corner. However, after doing some online research I found out that the opposite side is the safest. We chose the northeast corner of our basement for our shelter. We moved a heavy work table into the corner and placed area rugs underneath it to make it a little warmer than sitting on the concrete floor. We placed two heavy desks on either side perpendicular to the work table, so we can place a mattress on top to act as a roof. I am using the desk drawers that face the opening to store supplies. We will have blankets, water, energy bars, flashlights, batteries, a portable radio and a weather radio. Any time we have a tornado watch I make sure I have car keys, money, my cell phone and small valuables in my purse. I make sure I am wearing sturdy shoes.

I know from experience that a tornado hits with very little warning. You have to be ready to run.

Update: To show how crazy these tornadoes were, people in Cincinnati, 50 miles away, are finding debris from Kentucky and Indiana in their yards.


rachel said...

Oh my, that really brings it home to people like me, who have never witnessed a tornado in real life! Here's hoping you don't have to either.

judy in ky said...

I hope not, too Rachel. They are very scary. If you live in this area you learn to be prepared, and it's good to have a basement.