Thursday, September 30, 2010

What's The Big Deal?

I find myself living in a "retail-challenged" area. Shopping options are limited here. So, about a year ago, it was a really big deal when a Nordstrom's opened in a Cincinnati suburb. There is a mall there that is quite "frou-frou", where they have valet parking and all the women dress up just to shop. Except they don't call it a mall... it's a "town center". All the high-end shops are there. I've been to this town center occasionally because that's where the nearest Apple store is. It's a special trip for me, as it's about an hour up the road.

Yesterday I decided to check out the new Nordstrom's for the first time. A long time ago when we were visiting San Francisco, I went to the Nordstrom's there. I was impressed with the selection, the service and the ambience. But yesterday... the one in Cincinnati was a big letdown! Not much selection, and most of it I can also find at my local Dillard's. The dressing rooms were nice, but small and none of the platforms they used to have at Lord and Taylor, where you can stand and look at yourself in all your glory. And the service... what service? I walked around for fifteen minutes and no one offered to help. Finally I found the dressing room on my own. I was met in there by a service person who apologized for the lack of help. She said they were in the middle of a "thing". I had no idea what she was talking about. After a while I realized they were all gathered around a couple of customers who were trying on jeans. I think they were all friends. There was non-stop chatter about this brand and that brand, and how each pair made their butts look... on and on and on. She told me she would check back with me, but she never did.

Finally, I just left without a word. They didn't even notice. I wandered on over to Dillard's and found all the selection and service anyone could want. Nordstrom's? Why bother?

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