Friday, September 10, 2010

My New Favorite On-Air Personality

I don't watch reality television. I don't like any of the "Real Housewives" or those "Jersey Shore" punks. I used to watch "Say Yes to the Dress" on TLC, but my husband recently issued an ultimatum: "either that show goes or he goes". I wrote a while ago about a new show on HGTV called "Selling New York". I find it fascinating to see how "the other half" lives, in the multi-million dollar lofts of Manhattan. Now I have a new favorite... her name if Sarah Richardson.

Sarah Richardson is a Canadian designer. She has several shows produced by Canadian production company PrimaVista. I have seen two of her shows on HGTV here in the USA. One is "Sarah's House". She buys an old run-down house and fixes it up. I have seen a farmhouse and a a 1950s era ranch. I understand she has another show called "Sarah's Cottage" which runs on HGTV Canada. I wish we could see that one here, too.

Now there is a new show called "Design Inc." in which she is part of a group of young designers.

I am a fan of her work. She is dynamic, funny, and has good taste. Apparently there are other fans too; I recently found a Facebook site called "The Sarah Richardson Appreciation Group".

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