Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Clearing the Decks!

I have devoted today to clearing the decks. Recycling old magazines and catalogs. Sorting out things for Goodwill. Clothing, dishes, cups, books, lamps, rugs, chairs... if I don't use it, out it goes! I am tired of looking at clutter. Our house is small, and it looks cramped. I want to see sleek and uncluttered surfaces. I am a recovering pack rat.

I like the sentiment expressed in the photo above, but why have three rocks when one will do? That's my new philosophy. Pick one pair of jeans you like the best, one black tank you like the best, and pitch the rest (well, maybe keep one other one in case the best one is dirty). I am getting radical here. I want to be able to move freely in the world, not be weighted down with my possessions.

I am no longer saving things I can't wear now, but will be able to wear when I lose five pounds, or ten pounds, or whatever. What I can wear now stays, and the rest goes. If I lose weight I will reward myself then by buying something new. At one time in my life I had a chest with layers of pants... size six on the bottom, size eight above that, size ten above that, waiting for myself to diet myself down through the layers!

We have decided we will move to a different place when we both retire. I have a friend who had a house full of antiques and a style to go with them. When they moved to a condo she got rid of everything and started over with a new, modern style. I want to do something like that. Start fresh! I have a few favorite things, and the rest is going.

Of course it isn't always that easy. There are days when I feel like I can't part with anything. I look at each item and memories come flooding back. There start to be too many favorite things. Then... other days I get out of bed and feel like clearing the decks. I have to do it then, while I feel like it. Who knows what I will feel like tomorrow? That's why today is "clear the decks" day. It has to be out of the house now before I change my mind.

Why is this so hard?

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Bearette said...

I'm at the opposite extreme. I love throwing stuff out! Sometimes I go overboard, though.