Monday, September 20, 2010

Take Me Out To The Ball Game!

Where do you go on a Friday night in Cincinnati? A Reds game! As you can see, it was a beautiful evening.

The Great American Ballpark sits on the banks of the Ohio River. That's Kentucky on the other side of the river.

The ball park was full of fans wearing red.

We had a great view from our seats behind home plate.

The boy in front of us with his parents was celebrating his 13th birthday.

In front of him, the cutest baby girl sat with her parents. She was wearing a red tee shirt that said "My First Reds Game" on the front.

The game went 12 innings, and she stayed awake the whole time.

She was paying close attention... not to the game, but to the fans sitting behind her. At one point in the game, when she was facing forward, they put the fan cam on her and she was on the big screen.

A fun night was had by all! (And the Reds won!)


Bearette said...

Cute baby :) I didn't realize Kentucky and Ohio were that close, with only a river between New York and New Jersey.

Natalie said...

Beautiful setting.
The baby is just like my boys at a ball game... watching everything but the game!