Friday, September 24, 2010

Enough Already!

Ninety degrees! Every day this week it's been at least ninety degrees here. Yesterday we broke the all-time record at 95 degrees, and today it's supposed to be record-breakingly hot again. It's been ninety degrees and over all summer... July and August were the hottest on record. I am SICK of the heat! We are also in an officially severe drought. Everything is dry. Trees are losing their leaves before they even turn their autumn colors. The grass looks like straw. It's horrible!

Officially, it's autumn. It ought to look like this:

I am longing for autumn to get here for real. To see the colors, to feel the cool breezes and the crisp air. To wear sweaters and light fires. My favorite season is being stolen from me this year. First, our spring was cut short by early heat. Now our autumn is being stolen by lingering heat. I have a feeling that our winter will be as unseasonably cold as this summer has been unseasonably hot. There are no longer four seasons here... just brutally hot or bone-chillingly cold! I need to live in a more moderate climate.

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rachel said...

Autumn here too, in our temperate climate. That means cold, wet and windy, mostly.....