Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Book Stash

I've been writing about my ongoing decluttering process. I have stashes of all kinds of things; too much of everything. These are my books, at least the ones that aren't still packed in boxes. You know those file boxes they sell at office supply stores? When we moved here, I had sixty of them full of books. The movers had to redo their estimate when they saw all my books!

The books shown above are in the basement. The books shown below are in the guest bedroom (any guest here has a lot of reading material).

In the photo below, the shelves hold my collection of travel books. I have travel books for places all around the world; I have visited most of them, some I hope to visit in the future. On top of the shelves, you can also see part of another collection... dolls.

Oh, and I finished Sarah's Key this morning. Most of it was a good story and I couldn't put it down, but I thought it had a weak ending.


Natalie said...

I love to read travel books. And books are so hard to part with... the good ones become like a friend... why would I get rid of a friend?!

funny: The word verification is "basment"
I wish I had a basment to stash my friendly books!

judy in ky said...

Hi Natalie! I have a hard time parting with them too (as you can see!). I love to read travel books too. Then I want to go and see it in person.

Yes, my basement comes in handy... a little too handy, I guess!

Catherine said...

Oh my goodness Judy ~ look at all your beautiful books! And so many cute dolls as well. I totally understand the love of books. I have a collection as well ~ but not as many as you ~ but oh the joy, the smell, the feel of a lovely book ~ I understand! :)

xo Catherine

judy in ky said...

Hi Catherine, it's nice to hear from fellow book lovers. I once thought I would keep only my favorites... but I have so many favorites!

Susan said...

no such thing as too many books ... and I love when rooms have the feeling of a library. xo S & les Gang