Monday, September 7, 2009

Politics is Bumming Me Out

What is happening to our country? There have always been differences. Good people have always disagreed with each other. But it feels like something different is happening now. Real hatred. Real paranoia. It's really making me sad, and it's really scaring me. People are shouting each other down in the most vicious way. There is no exchange of ideas; only narrow minds refusing to listen to "the other". So much mean-spiritedness. There is talk of violence and "blood in the streets". People are flaunting deadly weapons. What is going on?

We are beginning to remind me of Middle Eastern countries where one tribe hates the other tribe. We are dividing into tribes. I see civil war brewing. To one tribe, our President is not "our" President. Parents are freaking out because he wants to address their children about getting a good education. Some in the media have called this "silly". Yes, it's silly; but it's also very scary. And very, very sad.

This is what a town hall meeting should look like. One person is talking and the others are listening. Then, another person will get up and talk and they will listen to him/her. Then another, and another, and so on.

This is how town halls have been looking this summer. Do these people look like they are listening to anyone? No... they are just trying to drown out what "the other" has to say. Very ugly, and very, very sad.


Susan said...

It's freaking us out - up North . Makes me wonder if it's not ultimately about race and what's so terribly ironic is most of these radicals call themselves Christians. Not only do they not listen but they have no interest at all in informing and educating themselves about the issues at hand. How do you deal with people like that ? It's very frightening.

judy in ky said...

It is very frightening, Susan. A lot of us feel very discouraged.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

I agree. It makes me sad and so frustrated.