Sunday, September 27, 2009

Photos from My New Camera

I have been experimenting with my new camera. It has many different modes, settings, and icons. It's a little bit intimidating, but I am taking it a step at a time. The above photo was my first experiment using the Macro mode... I just snapped a photo of a ribbon lying on my desk.

Below are some photos of the little black kittens that have been visiting our back yard. They are about 30 feet away, so I zoomed in on them.

The next one shows them play-fighting. It's blurry because I took it through the window glass:

I have become very protective of these kitties. I feed them twice a day and worry if I don't see them for a while. They live somewhere in the bushy , tree-lined area behind our yard and come out in the open to visit our yard.

I will be out and about, taking more photos in the coming days. I still find it easier to carry my small camera with me, but I am determined to become more proficient using my newer, larger, more complicated one. It doesn't have detachable lenses... I guess that will be my next step. I have no one to teach me how to use these things; maybe I can find a class.


Rebecca Ramsey said...

Great pics! Very sharp. And those kitties are too cute. I'd get a cat in a minute if my dog wouldn't lick all its fur off!

judy in ky said...

Thanks, Becky. How about a hairless cat?

Kristin Joy said...

Lovely pictures you have taken with your new camera!! I love my camera which got from Best Buy by using coupons...