Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I Am of Two Minds

I wrote another post about politics. Then I deleted it. It was pretty pessimistic, because that's how I feel about the state of politics today. I deleted it because I've written a couple of similar posts recently, and I don't want to turn my blog into mainly a political blog. I don't want to keep "beating the drums of doom".

I would really like to write here about more upbeat, positive things. So, how can I get my mind off the troubling things in order to focus on the good things in the world? I truly do find a lot of happy, positive things in my everyday life. Today I was out shopping and I saw a couple of really cute little children pushing their miniature grocery carts around the store. One little girl had on her ballet tutu and tights, with her hair in pigtails, and she was skipping as she pushed her cart. People in line at the post office were friendly and smiling at each other. I took my next-door neighbor to the airport to visit her daughter and she gave me a hug.

Lots of good things happen every day. I would rather write about the good things. Always in the back of my mind are the discouraging things that I know are happening in Washington and all over our country. So, sometimes I get a headache going back and forth in my mind. Good... bad... happy... sad... nice.... mean... back and forth. I do feel sometimes like I have two minds... like an angel sitting on one shoulder and a demon sitting on the other. So, I guess some days my blog will reflect the angel mind and some days it will reflect the demon mind. But I prefer to give the angel mind the benefit of the doubt.


Rebecca Ramsey said...

I try to turn off the political blah blah blah whenever I feel depressed. I'm a real news junkie, so it's difficult, but I find I'm a lot happier when I follow your lead and look at all the positive things around me.
Great post!

judy in ky said...

Thank you Rebecca. I'm a news junkie too. The news feeds that demon on my shoulder.

willow said...

In recent years, I've tuned out a lot of the TV political talk shows. It makes for a more positive outlook. These days I need that.

Thanks for your kind comment about my bangs...heehee...I cut them myself.

rachel said...

The bias towards negative reporting and bad-news stories is infectious, and can spoil the nicest day, or the most meaningful simple experiences.

Sometimes it can be very therapeutic, I find, just to avoid the news and political programmes for a few days or more, and listen to music or audio books instead. And when you come back, refreshed, you usually find that nothing very much has really happened, although a great deal may have gone on to enrich your own life during that time off!