Wednesday, September 23, 2009

No News Is...

No news today... just want to touch base with my blog. Sometimes no news is good news, right? I am fine... my kidney stone is out. The stitches in my arm are out, although I have what they call "dog ears" (little bumps where the knots were) at the ends of the scar. My brother-in-law (a surgeon) says they will go away in time... but he's a Republican. (Just kidding!)

My kitties are fine... no more worries about Tiger. Now I just have to figure out what to do with the outdoor (feral) cats that inhabit our back yard. There are four little black kittens that are adorable. They sun themselves out there and romp around and play in the grass. I suppose the best thing to do is to have them neutered and turn them loose again. But, winter will be coming soon and I don't know how they will cope. The animal shelter here will try to have them adopted if they are socialized; otherwise they will be killed. I can't bear to think of that. We have no-kill shelters but they aren't any help. When you call on the phone there is a recording. It says they are full and can't take in any more animals, but "if you want to adopt one, these are the hours you can come in". I have searched the internet for other help, but there just isn't much in this county. All the services in other counties take only feral cats from their own counties.

I picked up my three nieces from school yesterday and took them home to do their homework. They got distracted by "I Dream of Jeannie" on television. When the television is on, no homework gets done. So I make them turn it off. One time they hid the remote so I just unplugged it. They panicked. "You broke the T.V. Dad is going to be mad!" they said. I told them I think Dad can figure out how to plug it back in! But at least the homework got done. They are cute, though. Yesterday they were in the back seat having a conversation about angels. The ten year old knows all about angels, and she was answering all the questions from the eight year old. The ten year old swears she saw an angel one time, in her bedroom. I love just listening to them.

In the car, they were watching a new movie about Barbie and the Three Musketeers. It was full of girls being empowered to be strong and brave. I could tell they were loving it. I looked in the rear-view mirror at them smiling. So, now they have a new motto: "Don't mess with the dress!".

Well, that's all the news from here (not as exciting as Lake Wobegon, I'm afraid).


Susan said...

A pick you up cure for your US of A political woes watch Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert, rinse & repeat. Good to hear that Tigger's feeling better ... and you too. xo from les Gang

judy in ky said...

Hi Susan, I will have to look them up on the schedule. I never seem to catch them at the right time, but when I do, I love them!
One of the things I enjoy when I'm in Philadelphia... my friend there always tivos Stewart and Colbert so we never miss them there. I haven't figured out tivo yet. Good suggestion!

Jenn Jilks said...

I love this! I remember putting the keyboard in my car, when computer privileges were withdrawn for inappropriate behaviour. He got home form school earlier than I did, and it was the only way... :-)