Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fun with Nieces and Puppy

My three nieces' last day of school is next Thursday. Next week, they have a series of field trips. This week, they have a different theme every day. Monday was "Hawaii day". They wore grass skirts (over their jeans) and leis around their necks. They also had flowers in their hair and wore flower bracelets. Yesterday was "wacky hair day". I wish I could have taken photos of them, but their dad picked them up from school yesterday.

Today is "backwards day". They are supposed to wear their clothes backwards. Not sure how they are going to accomplish that!
Thank heaven they are not having "inside out" day and have to wear their underwear on the outside!

Tomorrow is "hippie day". Since I am old enough to remember real hippies, I helped them find hippie clothes. I took a bag full of hippie clothes over to them yesterday after school. They were really excited! They pulled everything out of the bag, each one choosing her favorite. I brought some leather lace and told them to tie it around their heads like a headband. Aubrey said, "sure, I already know about that". Not sure where she learned it!

Since both of their parents are working this week, I have been helping them get ready for some of these days. It's fun for the kids, but I don't know how parents find the time to put all this stuff together!

Tomorrow is their dad, Todd's birthday. My sister suggested he wanted to have their puppy Sammy micro-chipped, but hadn't had time to do it yet. So, for his birthday I am taking Sammy to the vet today to be micro-chipped. I will pick up the girls from school, then we will go home to get Sammy and take her in together. I thought they would have fun being in on the surprise for their dad. (It sounds like Sammy has a boy's name, but it's actually short for Samantha; the girls' names are Sarah, Aubrey and Molly, so together they are SAM. It comes from that.)

That's all my "auntly" fun for this week. In two weeks I will have them all day every Tuesday, so I will have to think of a lot more adventures to have with them.


Susan said...

Won't Tuesday's be fun Judy. I think being around kids is very good for the spirit.

judy in ky said...

It certainly keeps you on your toes!