Friday, May 8, 2009

Cheering Myself Up... well, I tried.

This morning I was blue. This picture of Tinkerbell says it well. It looks like she is saying "I just can't face it anymore".

So, I browsed through some of my old photos to find images that would cheer me up.
I found this one of my youngest niece, smiling in the sunshine:

And this one with Molly and Sammy... I like the action in it. They make quite a team, I think:

And I always love to see my kitties snuggling together:

And a fairy princess to sprinkle a little fairy dust over everything:

I feel a little better now.

Update on Saturday, May 9th:
p.s. I would feel even better if someone would leave me a comment. I hate seeing that big old zero down there, it makes me feel like a big old "zero". I guess I'm not artistic enough or funny enough. And I'm not a "mommy" either. And one of my sisters was just diagnosed with breast cancer.

Geez! I didn't get very cheered up after all, did I?


Bearette24 said...

I think you need a big cookie! And you are an honorary mom, taking such good care of your nieces.


judy in ky said...

Thanks... a big cookie sounds great.

Rachel said...

Oh, I do feel guilty now - i read your blog quite regularly now, and I don't leave comments - usually because I haven't got anything to say that isn't half-witted. So here I am, AND I'm going to add you to my blogs-I-read list!

anya said...

Darling Judy....I'm sorry I didn't read this day. I would have left you a comment in a minute. Well, this was last week so I hope you are feeling better now. Are you? You know if you ever want to email for more chat, I'm here.

judy in ky said...

Hi Rachel and Anya,
Thank you for visiting here. I am happy to have to come, even if you don't comment. There were a lot of things making me feel blue that day, and I didn't mean to make anyone feel guilty.
You are welcome anytime, and thanks for being there.

pierre l said...

I am sorry to be such a bad reader; I tend to accumulate unread posts in Google Reader. By the time I read the post it is a bit old for comments.
You do have lovely pictures in here (I'm partial to kitties), but I read all the words (eventually).