Friday, November 7, 2008

What's Been Going On at Our House

My husband works in his at-home office, with his able assistant, Katie. (Note the broken arm.)

I work on making things out of quilt squares. I finally finished my first pillow. I'm going for a vintage look.
What do you think?


Susan said...

I love the colour of the walls, aren't cats the best employees - my sweet Oliver helps me at my desk all day every day and your pillow is beautiful. Cheers from Nova Scotia
S & les Gang

Mim said...

Love your quilt pillows.. I used to piece quilts, quilt and remake things out of old quilts.
I may have to start doing that again...
We are now both out of work.. very unplanned for my husband, planned for me!
Thanks for visiting me this week.
Oh and how are you doing about your Philly homesickness.
My husb. grew up west of Philly about an hour in Chester Co,
and we lived N of Quakertown for 13 years, when my husb worked in Lansdale!

judy in ky said...

Susan, yes, cats are the best employees... so good at moral support.

Mim, I still have Philly homesickness. We are going there to visit next weekend. Friends are having an engagement party for their daughter. Wishing the best for you, your husband, and Bailey.

Thank you both for visiting... it means a lot to me!

anya said...

Your husband illustrates one of the best benefits of working from home! A fluffy, purring co-worker.

Your pillows are lovely.

anya said...

I commented on your question about the black box.

CrazyCath said...

Love the quilt - another quilter on the block (gettit?) is Katney at Katney's Kaboodle. Hope hubby's arm mends soon.

The black box is a gadget that some one invented where you click on "decide" and then decide between two choices. After a few decisions, you can visit a mystery blog (I ended up on Anya's) or put in your own blog with two opposing choices. The choices made do not mean you will hit a particular blog. It is entirely random and just a bit of fun. There is a black box on my site in the side bar and presumably in Anya's if I found her that way. It's under the title "Little Black Box of Fun" and there is a link "About Black Boxes". If you click on that it tells you who started it all and how to put your own up.

Have fun and thanks for visiting mine.

judy in ky said...

Hey Cath and Anya, thanks for the info. I will check out the black box and the quilting blog as well.
It's great to hear from you!

Susan, I'm glad you like the color of the walls. We were lucky when we moved in here. It was already painted and we liked it.

Bearette24 said...

That pillow looks cozy. And pretty...