Monday, November 17, 2008

Our Old Neighborhood

Over the weekend we went back to Philadelphia to visit friends. As I have posted before, I loved working in Center City Philadelphia. On this visit we didn't go into the city, but were out in the suburbs where we used to live. I thoroughly enjoyed living there. It's a beautiful area, with a feel of history all around. There are lots of stone houses and old-fashioned buildings. I took some photos of some of my favorites.

This is the Upper Dublin Friends Meeting House.

This is called the Wayside Chapel... we went to a friend's wedding here.

This house was just down the road from us. When we went for walks, we always passed by it.

This is a pretty stone house I always liked. It's right around the corner from where we lived. We always passed by here on walks, too.

This is a bed and breakfast a few miles from our old house.

More to follow tomorrow... I took a lot of photos!

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