Monday, November 10, 2008

Rambling On and On

One day last week I was sitting on the swing outside, and i noticed the sprinkler next door. The sun was shining on the water drops, and it just looked so pretty. I've been in a very contemplative mood, not able to get anything done but daydream. When I was in first grade, my teacher wrote on my report card that I was daydreaming too much. That hasn't changed.

I am going back to Philadelphia this weekend to share a special occasion with special friends. As I have written before, I am still homesick for Philadelphia and all my friends there. Going back is always bittersweet. It's such a joy to be there, but it's always in the back of my mind that it's no longer my home. I loved my house there. This is a photo I took on our deck, which was surrounded by trees. It was one of those houses that you never want to leave.

I moved here to be close to my family. It is good to be near my mom, my sister, and my three nieces. I am getting to know my nieces in a way I never could have from a distance. This photo is my youngest niece, last week when I took her to her dance class. I wish I could have my family and my friends and my home in Philadelphia all at once. But I can't. So, I am living here and I visit there as often as I can.


Bearette24 said...

i know what you mean - i think new york is my philadelphia and massachusetts is my kentucky..though i'm starting to yearn for kentucky. if that makes any sense.

Mim said...

Ahhh that is so sweet,
that you can be near and helpful to your nieces.
Yes Philly and Pa are just diff. than the south.
We are in Virginia now after 13 years N of Q town.
I am glad you can go back.
And yes we were going for retirement in 4-5 years.
So now job hunting will begin...hard at our ages.
Have a great time in Philly!
thanks for your kind words..

BumbleVee said...

I did the opposite. Moved away from my home town to be me.

In a small town of 20,000 at the time, I got tired of being Paul's daughter and Christine's sister (seeing as she was a celebrity at the time) ... it was the best thing I ever did. Now...I am even further away because I moved out of province and to a bigger city....... soooo glad I did. I am miles from the problems with my nephews and the havoc surrounding all of them..... my life is peaceful and I can devote time to those who don't insist on ruining their own lives as well as those of others. My decisions, in retrospect, were the best ever.......

Beverly said...

I will have to read more as I love to read blogs close to home. I am from TN and I know you are not that close, but still. I used to live in Paris,Tn which is 20 minutes from KY state line.