Sunday, November 9, 2008

I Hate Football!

It seems there is no end to it! Game after game after game after game... ALL WEEKEND LONG! I hate the look of it... overpaid behemoths running around, smashing into each other. I hate the sound of it... the incessant roar of the crowd, and the incomprehensible babbling of the commentators. I hate their fancy, shiny, inhuman looking uniforms. I hate the phoniness of the astroturf.

If I'm going to watch football at all, it should be like it was in the old days. Real mud and grass stains on the uniforms, guys scrambling and slipping around in real mud, old fashioned leather helmets. It at least looked somewhat picturesque. Now, it's all shiny and corporate looking... and boring!


Valerie said...

I wholeheartedly agree with everything you just said... I was on the phone with my friend this morning and I could hear her husband in the background screaming.. I couldn't believe men actually make that noise. I am one of the lucky ones, hubby likes football but is not obsessed with it, we get away with a couple games a year, and one of them is usually the Super Bowl. (I like the commercials)

judy in ky said...

I know, sometimes my husband yells so loud that the cats go running out of the room!

Natalie said...

Suddenly I feel like a lucky woman. Only 1 game a year ever plays in this house, and I am the one watching the Superbowl! Otherwise we are spared. And yes, More Mud!

Jenny Jill said...

I just noticed your post, Judy! I can understand. I don't like watching many sports.

Thing is I love my husband, so I take my laptop into the TV room with him. We watch it and talk about what is happening with the sound off.

The 'experts' really do like bragging about their past more than watching and commentating on the current action. I have compromised on this, as there is little else to do. I learned, with my 2nd husband, how much I want to compromise! My husband doesn't yell. But he does wear his lucky San Fran shirt!