Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"I'm Confused!"

I love these people!

One of my favorite movies is "Moonstruck". Although I've never been a big fan of either Cher or Nicolas Cage, I enjoyed this movie tremendously. The writing was fantastic. I cheered when John Patrick Shanley won the Oscar for Best Screenplay. Most of all, I loved the supporting characters and the actors who played them. John Mahoney, Olympia Dukakis, Danny Aiello, Vincent Gardenia, and Louis Guss (the grandfather). There were so many wonderful moments in that movie, my favorites involving the supporting characters. I loved the uncle rhapsodizing about the moon. I loved the sad sweetness of John Mahoney's character. I loved Olympia Dukakis' tart outspokenness and Vincent Gardenia's harmless gruffness. I loved the clumsy cluelessness of Danny Aiello. I loved the look on the grandfather's face when all hell is breaking loose and he says "I'm confused". I quote him often: "I'm confused!" I always think of him when I say it. I can identify with that feeling so well.

What made me think of this? Actually, the economy did. I was listening to testimony before the House Financial Services Committee on CNN this morning. I was going to write a whole, long post about the issues they were discussing, but it makes my head hurt. I had one of those "I'm confused" moments. I decided it was more fun to look back at "Moonstruck".


anya said...

I'll tell you my favorite scene in that movie: there was this part where Olympia and Cher were in the kitchen; Olympia was cooking breakfast. She sauteed red pepper in the skillet, skillet toasted a piece of bread with a hole in it and then cracked an egg into the hole and let it cook. So, olive oil, red pepper, egg sauteed in the oil bread. I made that breakfast for many years. You've made me want to see it again. I'll put it on my Tivo wish list so if it ever shows up I'll have it.

I loved your tour of Philly. I can hear the love in your voice (your writing voice). There's nothing better than good couple friends when all the parts of the foursome like each other. And it was really fun to see the photo of you and your husband. I like seeing the blog friends sometimes.

judy in ky said...

Yes Anya, I liked that scene too. I started making that for breakfast after I saw the movie, too.
I have a VHS copy of Moonstruck, but would like to get a DVD version.

Natalie said...

You are sending me straight to Netflicks... wasn't it the Great Depression when everyone slipped in to a movie theater for relief? I may be confused, but at least I'll enjoy a good movie.