Friday, November 23, 2012

We Gather Together...

Thanksgiving at my sister's house: 

The "boys" table:

Busy in the kitchen:

Celebrating:  (My brother-in-law, his sister, and my 15-year old niece.)


Meanwhile, down in the playroom:

Cousins together again:  Building legos....

Smile, Aubrey, Sarah and Michael!

Playing Wii...

Playing hockey:

Watching football (of course):

Everyone was there, three generations of family.  My niece Molly:

My niece Erin:

Erin's little boy Parker, with Uncle Mike:

Sweet Sammy (short for Samantha):

Thanksgiving Day... a little bit of color outdoors, a warm day for November.

My nieces when they were little girls:

P.S.  Joe, we missed you!

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