Saturday, November 24, 2012

What is Picasa and Why Is It Holding My Blog Hostage?

I don't know much about Blogger.  I have just been informed that I have used all the storage space for photos.  Is storage space used by the number of photos, or by the size of the photos?  I recently began making my photos larger when I post them.  Is this the reason I am running out of space?

This message came from Picasa.  I didn't even know I had Picasa.  I thought I was using i-Photo.  They want me to pay a monthly charge to add more storage space.  I have no idea what this is about.  Does anyone out there have any insight into this?

What is Picasa anyway?  I guess I will have to go to the Apple store again!


Jenny said...

Picasa is the Google-owned photo storage site where they hold all the images you post to your blog. They allow a certain amount of "space" (based on gigabytes, I'm guessing) for each Google blogger. You can either upgrade to their larger package for $$ or you can find another site to "host" your photos. I don't know much about that (haven't filled my photo space w/ Picasa yet) but I think you could use Flickr? Hope that helps.

By the way - I found your blog after hopping over from the Chickenblog. :)


judy in ky said...

Thank you, Jenny. I am glad you came here to comment. I recently started posting my photos in a larger size, so that probably used up more gigabytes.