Sunday, June 24, 2012

That Stupid Post

My last post was a little stupid, wasn't it? Who wants to see a video of Tony Orlando and Dawn from the 70s anyway? That wasn't really the point; it's not like I was a big fan or anything. The point was, how did I get so sentimental that I burst into tears from hearing that song on the radio?

I'm really not a big cryer (crier?) in movies or anything. On the contrary, I tend to resent being manipulated by some tear-jerking plot. I'm not a sucker for that kind of thing. Actually, my husband cries at watching things more often than I do. He cries during the Olympics, when they show winners getting their medals and at the end of golf tournaments when the winner is being interviewed. In other words, he gets sentimental over sports.

Most of my crying is done over animal stories. I can't stand it when animals are hurt, lost, or abused. I can't stand it in real life and I can't stand it in stories. When those commercials come on for humane societies showing animals in cages I have to change the channel. Yes, I do support several animal welfare charities, but I just can't watch their commercials.

Some times I hear stories on the radio that make me cry. But I have never burst into tears because of a song before. That's why I was so surprised that I had to write about it.


Susan said...

No such thing as a stupid post here Judy. Feelings are feelings & I believe must be felt - sharing your feelings is kinda what blogging's all
about. Lots of songs (& all animal stories sweet & terrible) make me cry.

Happy Sunday - much love xo les Gang

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Susan is right.

judy in ky said...

I'm so thankful for both of you!

the veg artist said...

Emotions are running a bit close to the surface these days from what you have said. Understandably so. There is a beat and sense of build-up in that tune. It just got to you!

Susan said...

Hey ! opening my book at bedtime is one of my most fav times of day. I'm sure ready by then to relax and be transported to someone's else's life. xoxo Susan

littlemancat said...

It's all okay- it is how you feel and that's fine. Really it is.
I know what you mean about the TV ads from the humane societies. I cannot watch them either. I just can't bear them. And I support them too. It seems to me that we feel more as we get older. I remember my Dad weeping at memories,and how,as a middle-aged person, I was less than patient. We gain patience- and empathy- as we move along.
Sorry- went on too long.