Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Head in the Clouds

It's a beautiful day. I love that bright blue color in the sky. Once summer comes we have too many of those "hazy, hot and humid" days; but today is a gorgeous spring day. Also, I have a thing for clouds. As I drive around, I always notice clouds. Today I took photos of the clouds as I drove home from my errands.

This is the shopping area where I started:

Getting onto the interstate (just about everywhere you go here, you have to drive on the interstate, which I don't really like).

Along the interstate. At least traffic isn't heavy today.

Close to my neighborhood:

Coming down my street:

Finally, the rose bushes by my driveway!


Arthur Ransome said...

What lovely pictures. We have rain and cold here in Scotland and, worst of all, the heating still has to be on.

judy in ky said...

Thank you. We have a precious few of days this beautiful here in the American midwest. It tends to go from dreary winter straight to oppressively hot and humid summer. So when we have a nice day, I rejoice in it!