Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Note from My Dad

My sister and I were helping our mom sort through some old papers. We found some letters that my dad sent her while he was out of town at seminars. Among those letters, we found this little note. He drew his face getting more and more sad from missing her, then happy again when back home. We thought it was so sweet and showed a playful side of him that we seldom saw. My mom noticed the postmark date and realized this was just four months before he died suddenly. That's so sad. We will cherish this little note.


Pam said...

These must be difficult days for your Mum. Small finds such as your Dad's correspondence must be the silver lining in those sometimes grey days. Perhaps its your Dad's way of saying keep going in the tough times.
Your Mum is so lucky to have you.

judy in ky said...

Yes, these are difficult days for her and we worry about her. She lives an hour away, but we try to do as much as we can. You are right; thank goodness for the occasional silver lining.

Bearette said...

that is sweet :)