Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sick Kitty

One of the little black kitties in this photo is sick. Her eye is infected and she is sneezing. We want to catch her and take her to the vet, but catching a feral cat is a problem. We put the no-kill trap out a few nights ago, but caught a different cat. This could go on for quite a while because there are a dozen of them out there. We tried catching her in a big net but she is too fast. I'm thinking of throwing a blanket over her, but she runs when she sees us coming.

We want to help her, but we have to catch her first. She and her littermates are among the friendliest of the feral cats. They will come close to us when we hold treats out. One of them was friendly enough to be adopted and lives with us (Munchkin). This sick kitty is Munchkin's sister and we really would like to help her. Does anyone have any ideas?


littlemancat said...

Oh dear! Poor kitty and poor you worrying about her- I know the feeling too well. A lady I know who rescues feral cats uses a huge fishing net- and wears leather gloves and other protective wear. I believe it's a net from deep sea fishing!
Maybe you have a friend with a boat and a big net- only need the net,though! Ha,ha!
Good luck,

Kathrin said...
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Kathrin said...

Maybe your vet or the place where you brought your ferals to have them spayed/neutered give you an idea how to catch her other than trapping. I know how you feel. Even if they are not living inside with you, they are your "pets". You love them and feel responsible for them all. I wish you luck to get a hold of her soon.

rachel said...

Oh no.... catching a feral cat is no joke. Good luck with it.

judy in ky said...

Thank you for your suggestions. We will keep trying. Yes, we do love all of them, both inside tame and outdoors feral... and it's hard to catch any of them!