Sunday, May 20, 2012

I Lost My Recipe!

I used to make BBQ spare ribs fairly often, but for some reason it's been a while. Now I can't find my favorite, no-fail recipe. I can't even remember which cookbook it was in. I think it was an old Weber grill cookbook. I remember it talked about direct heat and indirect heat, and it had this fabulous recipe for spare ribs. It involved a dry rub; I can't remember all the ingredients but I know one was turmeric because my hands always turned orange. I think it also had sugar and salt. Then there was a sauce that you cooked in a saucepan and put on the ribs at the last minute of cooking.

I can't find that recipe anywhere! I have donated some of my cookbooks to the library, and I'm afraid I donated that one, not realizing it contained my favorite recipe. I went to the library today and looked, but I didn't see anything that looked familiar. I found two other Weber cookbooks in my collection, but neither of them has this recipe. Can anyone help? Does anyone have a recipe that sounds like this? Does anyone have an old Weber grill book you can check? I would love to have this recipe again.

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