Wednesday, May 23, 2012

In the Law Office

Oh dear. We saw a lawyer today about Mom and David's situation regarding Medicare and Medicaid and estate planning. Now I have a lot of legalese running around inside my head. If he stays in the nursing home more than 100 days, Medicare runs out and Medicaid takes over. That's if they qualify for Medicaid. Qualifying for Medicaid has a complicated set of rules. How to arrange things so they are able to live the best life possible? It's not simple.

After I got home, I needed a chance to review my notes and let it all sink in. My mom called to hear what we found out. My sister called. Then another sister called. We have to get some matters clarified by finding the files of the attorney that my mom and Dave used. Problem is, their attorney died earlier this year and we are not sure what happened to his files. Then my mom called and told me her accountant wants to talk to me tomorrow about some "missing money". Yikes!

The plot continues to thicken...


Pam said...

A big hug for the tasks ahead Judy! I remember a saying of author John Muir..."When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe". You must be feeling like that for sure! Good luck with the detective work - and look after yourself too, VERY important. xx

rachel said...

Such a difficult business, isn't it.

Years ago, I worked in an old hospital where elderly patients went in very reluctantly, because they remembered when it was the workhouse..... At least we don't have those horrors to contend with any more.