Wednesday, April 6, 2011

That Old Time Rock n' Roll

The other night we went to the Big City across the river. We had tickets to see Bob Seger! We ate at a new restaurant that had a great write-up in the paper. The write-up said the chicken pot pie was the best. My husband loves chicken pot pie, so we went so he could try it.

Here is the chicken pot pie. He said it was indeed great, but still not as good as mine (he had to say that).

I had a great big burger and a glass of Scotch. (What diet?)

Bob Seger was playing at the arena, which is next door to the Great American Ballpark, home of the Cincinnati Reds. There was a game that night, too, so town was pretty busy. (The Reds won!)

This is the crowd waiting for Bob Seger to appear:

The lights came up and the crowd roared:

He's down there somewhere... my iphone doesn't have a zoom!

It was a lively concert. People were dancing in the aisles. I don't think anyone sat down the whole time!

There was a lot of "old-time rock n' roll", a lot of beer drinking, a lot of Harley Davidson gear, and a lot of dancing!

p.s. this is Bob "in the day"...

...and this is Bob now:

We Baby Boomers can relate... youth is fleeting! So, if you're young, enjoy it now.


Garden of Weeden said...

Wow! I saw Bob Seger at the Rose Garden in Portland OR, the last time he toured. He's older and and grayer, but still fantastic! i was 16 again... Dee

judy in ky said...

There were many people there who were older and grayer and feeling young again!