Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's From Camelot!

Yesterday I heard the song "Follow Me" sung by Frank Sinatra on the radio. The melody was familiar, but I just couldn't place it. I tried to research it online, but mostly found references to a different song by the same name, done more recently buy someone called Uncle Kracker. That DEFINITELY was not the song I was looking for! Finally, I found it! It's from Camelot. In the musical it is sung by Nimue, also called "the lady of the lake". She is a sort of enchantress; in the Arthurian legend she takes Arthur away to Avalon. This is her spellbinding song:

I found this video featuring the song "Follow Me". In this video, the person who recorded it matched it up with imagery from "The Phantom of the Opera". This is the song I was looking for! It's from Camelot, but I couldn't find a video matching the song with a scene from Camelot. The lyrics were different in Camelot, but this is the melody I remember!

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