Monday, April 4, 2011

One of My Favorite Things (Or Two)

If Oprah can do it, I guess I can too! That is, talk about some of my favorite things. As I sorted out my closet yesterday, I was reminded of one of them. These felt hangers... I love them!

I first saw them in a catalog, about ten years ago. I bought a few to use for clothes that always slipped off regular hangers. They worked so great that I ordered more. Then I started finding them in stores. I have always hated wire hangers so I replaced them all first. Then I replaced all the plastic hangers.

Now I'm at the point where everything in my closet is on felt hangers. No more wire hangers and no more plastic hangers! I can even color code them so I can tell quickly where everything is. For example, if I have a pair of pants that I like with certain tops, I just put all those items on one color hangers. It's a little like grown-up Garanimals! These hangers have really improved my life. A small thing, but it's made a big difference.

Another one of my favorite things that I wrote about a while ago, but I'm remembering now; this beater blade for my Kitchen Aid mixer. It has a rubber flange (I guess you could call it that) that goes all the way around the edge. It scrapes the sides of the bowl while you are mixing so you don't have to stop to use a spatula so often. Again... a small thing, that makes such a big difference.


Natalie said...

ooooh... good favorites. Better than Oprah's... hers always make me feel poor, or more like: she has too much money!

judy in ky said...

She has way too much money! I think she owns half of Maui.