Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More Photos From Mexico

There was something about these simple stone steps that I found appealing.

If you look at the horizontal center of this photo just below the vertical center, there is an iguana. He hung out there every day, bobbing his head up and down. Why do they do that?

Here is the sign by the Cross Current Pool, explaining how it works. I loved it! You could just float around, carried by the current or you could walk against the current for a gentle workout.

I wish I had this pool (and the weather to go with it) in my back yard!

There were colorful flowers everywhere!

There were little sculptures everywhere.

Outside, amongst the landscaping:

And inside, where the housekeeper left them every day:

This lady was larger than life, hidden among the trees. I wonder who the model was?

One night we had a fancy dinner. They poured two kinds of soup into our bowls at once, making two-toned soup.

There were a lot of smiles all around... nice vacation!


Natalie said...

I missed some posts, and went back to catch up. You had some fun! It makes me happy!

judy in ky said...

It was a lot of fun. I thought of you when I saw the pirate!