Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Single Flower...

One morning in Hawaii... the beauty of a single flower. I came out to sit by the pool. It was early and not many people were there. I sat down in a chair, and on the table next to me there was a single flower. The flower inspired me. I took a photo of it as it lay on the glass-topped table.

Next, I placed it on the ground to see the color against the volcanic rock:

For this photo, I just propped it up on my knee so the ocean was in the background:

Then I placed it against my shirt:

That flower was my focus for a pleasant twenty minutes or so. So many pleasant hours spent in Hawaii. So many simple joys, like a single flower. I find so much beauty there. I feel blessed when I'm there.

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Susan said...

Very beautiful Judy and isn't it really what life is all about ... to be taken away somewhere by the beauty & wonder of nature. xo S & les Gang