Tuesday, December 7, 2010

In the Deep Freeze

It's COLD here! Temps in single digits and wind chills below zero. The snow we had on Saturday won't melt because it's too cold, and we expect more snow this weekend.

I used to live in Northern Ohio, then Chicago. Both areas are on the Great Lakes... so they get the infamous "lake effect snow". We have also experienced lake effect snow when visiting my sister in upstate New York and my in-laws in Michigan. I hate lake effect snow. It's just ridiculous. Here we measure it in inches, but there they measure it in feet. Horrible!

Well, this week they say the lake effect snow area is so massive that it's making it all the way to Kentucky. I can't escape it! Well, maybe if I manage to move to Hawaii. Maybe some day...

My main concern is the kitties that live outside. They need shelter from this cold. I bought one of these Indigo Igloo dog houses and put some bedding inside for them.

Here it is, on my deck, before the snow fell. The little cat we named "Spot" is checking it out. I have seen three of the cats all curled up together in there. But I still worry about them every night while it is so cold.


Natalie said...

What would they do without you?
Certainly they must grow deep coats? Poor kitties. I am so happy for them that they have you. I bet regular meals, and maybe even warmed up-high calorie food would be helpful... calories = heat.

judy in ky said...

They have been eating a lot, and they do look quite fat and fluffy. Good idea... I think I will put out some heated up canned food for extra calories. The weather is only supposed to get worse this weekend.
Natalie, I do appreciate your interest... thanks!

Catherine said...

I have my kitty's old big carrier outside, set in amongst the cedar tree branches right beside our house with lots of warm blankets inside and out. I am hoping my stray kitty finds warm in there over the winter months. But I love this little igloo! Not only is it warm I bet, but it is so cute too! Your stray kitties are keeping warm in style ~ love it! :)

xo Catherine