Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Gang!

Every morning when I get up, these kitties are waiting outside my door for their breakfast. These are four of the feral cats we care for. From left to right, they are "Little Sister", "Spot", "Munchkin's Sister" and "Mama-mama".

Irresistible, aren't they? They are as much our pets as the four who live inside with us. In fact, three of the four "indoor cats" came in from outside to be adopted.


Susan said...

warms my heart!! ... you do !
and that sweet gang of cats as well
they are lucky they happened upon you and your husband

we feed one tabby feral named Bruce
who also has a cozy nest made just for him in our shed

xo S & my Gang

judy in ky said...

Bruce is a very lucky guy, too!

rachel said...

Aaaaawwww..... what a good life they have with you!

Natalie said...

Blessing for all.
Those sweet faces, and your kind heart!
Thank you Judy... it makes me happy knowing you are in the world.

Bearette said...

Munchkin's Sister is my favorite. I have a weakness for black cats.

judy in ky said...

Me too. They are usually very sweet. Munchkin is the one we adopted; she looks just like the one in the picture. She is the biggest cuddler in the world.

Rebekka Seale said...

I have seen so many cute pictures of cats today on blogs...what is up with that!? But this is my favorite...they are SO cute!!! All looking at the camera like that...

Catherine said...

I love it!!! How cute these little kitties are and how sweet you are for looking after them.

I have a stray kitty (not feral) that comes for his supper every night. He's a part of my nightly routine! :)

xo Catherine