Friday, April 2, 2010

Pre-Easter House

I will have twenty people at my house for Easter Sunday dinner. I have been setting up tables and moving chairs around.

The kitties have been having fun, trying out all the chairs in new places:

Pre-Easter means spring cleaning here, and the windows are open for the first time this year! The kitties love this too. Here is Tiger in his favorite dining room window:

Oh, and then Munchkin decided to try it out. Tiger is Munchkin's hero. She wants to copy everything he does.

These Easter Bunnies are ready:

Only two more days!


rachel said...

Cats love to have the furniture moved round a little!

Hope you enjoy your company (brave woman!) and have a happy Easter.

Mim said...

Your Easter celebrations look great...
Your previous post made me feel queasy! slicing ones fingers while cooking is no fun.
Hope you enjoy all the fun and candy tomorrow!