Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Is It Worth It?

Don't the teeth in the "after" photo look pretty? How much do you think that look is worth?

When I got home from Italy, I needed to find a dentist to permanently repair my broken tooth. I wasn't happy with the dentist I had been seeing here. A couple of months ago he had filled one of my bottom teeth. That filling came out a few weeks later as I was flossing. I went back and he replaced the filling, but it came out again as I was flossing!

I went to a local dentist that I had read about. She does both general and cosmetic dentistry. She told me the tooth that kept losing the filling was not strong enough to hold a filling, and would have to be extracted. Further, she told me that most of the crowns I already had needed to be removed and replaced with new crowns. It shocked me a bit. I wasn't having that much trouble, was I? Why hadn't any other dentist have mentioned this?

She gave me a treatment plan that would leave my teeth perfect, natural looking and pearly white, like the "after" photo above. A lot of rebuilding and crowning would be involved. I would have perfectly shaped teeth and a beautiful smile! It sounded tempting. Then she gave me the estimated cost. $26,000!

$26,000? Was that realistic? I want to keep my teeth as long as I live, I want them to be healthy. But do they need to look perfect? Would it be worth it? Yes, I would love to look like the "after" photo... but $26,000?

I am going to get a second opinion.


Susan said...

do you have a dental plan ?

rtfgvb790 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

rachel said...

A second opinion would be a Very Sensible Idea! Then maybe a trip to Europe to an affordable and well-esteemed cosmetic dentist!

judy in ky said...

Susan, our dental plan carries a maximum of $1500 per year.
Rachel, are the cosmetic dentists in Europe more affordable? Maybe I should go back to Italy!