Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Did I Tell You About My Italian Tooth?

When I posted about our recent trip to Italy, I don't think I mentioned my tooth.

This is what happened. It was our first morning in Italy. We sat down to breakfast. I bit into a crunchy, crusty piece of bread and felt a funny sensation. There was a lot of crunching going on in my mouth. And then I realized... a tooth had broken off! It looked a lot like the photo above.

I knew I couldn't spend the whole week looking like a "snaggletooth" (that's what my husband was calling me!). I had recovered a large piece of the tooth, so I took it up to our room and fitted it back into place. It fit, and it looked halfway decent. I told my husband we had to find some super glue. So, we set out to find some super glue. We went to a couple of shops but they didn't understand what we were looking for. Finally, we walked into another shop and saw it on display... super glue! We went back to our room and my husband carefully glued the piece of tooth back into place. It wasn't very sturdy but it was okay until we found a better solution.

We asked the family that owns our hotel where we could find a dentist. They were so kind. They called their own dentist, who set aside time to see me. The hotel owner's brother drove me to the dentist's office. He waited while the dentist rebuilt my tooth. The dentist did a beautiful job. I told him he was an artist!

So now I have a souvenir of Italy... my Italian tooth! Alas, it's only temporary. He emphasized that I should have a permanent repair done when I get home. But the memories of the kindness with which I was treated will last.


rachel said...

When you have to have it replaced, make sure to put it under your pillow - maybe the Tooth Fairy will come and leave you some euros!

judy in ky said...

I love that idea. The Italian Tooth Fairy.

Natalie said...

Oh yes!
The tooth fairy.

Momma to LG said...

The fact that you super glued your tooth for sure means that you live in Kentucky!!!! I am cracking up.