Saturday, June 20, 2009

An Update and a Mystery

Last Monday, I had a PET scan. We were trying to find out what was causing my spiking fevers and swollen lymph glands. I was not very familiar with what a PET scan was. My doctor said they were looking for areas with higher than normal metabolic activity, which could indicate increased cell activity, which could indicate a malignancy. Of course I worried about it last week, wondering what the results would be. Yesterday I got the results, which showed no signs of malignancy. Whew! I was relieved to hear that news! As my blog name says: "Every day is a gift". It's true.

Now for the mystery. When I went out yesterday to check on the kittens under my neighbors porch, they weren't there. I wonder if the mother cat moved them. I have heard that they do that sometimes. Maybe she found a better place for them. I hope no one came and took them. It's very quiet back there so I doubt if anyone else would have noticed them. I will ask my neighbor if she saw them, and if she knows anything.

Could this be the answer to the mystery? I hope they are safe.


Rachel said...

Good news about the results of your scan!

The mother may well have moved the kittens if they were too exposed. Leaving a bit of food in her former place might be a kindness - new mothers don't leave their babies for long to eat, and if she has to hunt, she will appreciate all the help she can get.

judy in ky said...

We have been putting food out for her every morning and evening. We have a few regular feline visitors, and she is among them. My neighbor also puts out food for them. We always know when a cat comes to visit outside because our indoor cats run up to the window to watch them.

Cynthia said...

Hi Judy, so glad the health news was positive. I also had a scare that I wrote about has a connection to your blog title! Poor kitty mom...I think she took off. I know that cats do that...dogs too. I found a little of four puppies under our wall by the orange tree. What a surprise! Now I need to find some homes for this pretty pups...Oh dear. <3