Monday, June 22, 2009

Sarah's 12!

Yesterday we went to my sister's house to celebrate Sarah's 12th birthday. This is Sarah, putting the candles on her cake. She is wearing her new Taylor Swift t-shirt which was a birthday present (from me!).

Sarah in the glow of twelve candles. Molly is in the background... notice how she can't stand still?

Here, Sarah is preparing to blow out the candles... all in one breath to get your wish! Molly, in the background, is still fidgeting.

Molly finally sat down, to concentrate on a piece of birthday cake.

Oh, and we celebrated Father's Day too! There was one father, one uncle and one grandfather present. They all ate cake too, then headed downstairs to watch the golf tournament.


Bearette24 said...

D jumped on a trampoline to celebrate Father's Day.

judy in ky said...

Go, D! Hope it was happy!