Saturday, February 7, 2009

What I Did While I Was Snowed In

This was the snowy scene from my back porch this week:

A couple of months ago I found an old quilt. Some parts were falling apart, but there were some squares that were intact and had some nice designs on them. So I cut out the designs, which made pieces that are about twelve inches square.

After I had the designs cut apart, I picked out some embroidery thread to accent the colors in each design. Over a period of several weeks, I worked on embroidering around the designs. I thought about framing them. I thought about making pillows out of them. The holidays were busy, so I set them aside for awhile.

This week, I was snowed in for a couple of days. I started looking at my squares again. I decided to begin by making a pillow out of two of the squares. I sewed them together and made a ruffle, then stuffed it with fluff. Here is the pillow I made:

I love the soft, worn feel of these old quilts. It makes a pillow that seems as light and fluffy as a little cloud. There is no modern-day fabric that feels like that.


Bearette24 said...

Pretty pillow. The pattern makes me think of a snowflake...

anya said...

That's beautiful, Judy. I know what you mean about old quilts. I have two old quilts from the 20's or 30's that have that soft worn feeling. That only comes with time, washing and wear. My two have some damage here and there, but they are too loved by me to do anything but keep them whole.

Mim said...

Hi Judy
I love the old quilts too.. I have cupboards full I pick up at auctions and thrifts for next to nothing.
Hope all is well with you.
I want to be snowed in!