Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday Morning... Cats, Quilts and the Calm Before the Storm

I'm having a quiet Tuesday morning. Later today, I have to pick up my three nieces from school and take them through their after-school routine. Snacks, homework, chores, then gymnastics. It can get pretty hectic, with all three of them and the puppy. So, I have to take my quiet time now.

A few posts ago, I showed you the pink, ruffled pillow that I made out of old quilt squares. Remember this?

Well, yesterday I finished another one. A square from the same quilt, just different colors. I made this one a little bigger and added lace instead of a ruffle. Actually, this is about the third version of this pillow. I took it apart and redesigned it a couple of time before I got the look I wanted.

Here is one of the earlier versions:

Working with these old quilts relaxes me. I like the colors, the designs, and the soft feel of the old fabric. It's my quiet time. I don't mind taking things apart and putting them together until they look just right. Sometimes it takes a lot of patience. Not to mention, a lot of time. So, now I have two of them finished... lots more still to make! I have lots of old quilts.

Something else that relaxes me is my cats. They make me smile, they make me laugh. Look at Tiger this morning, sitting in a basket, looking as serious as can be. "It is very important that I sit here in this basket!"


Bearette24 said...

Tiger is a cutie :)

judy in ky said...

Yes, Tiger is very photogenic. He always looks like he is posing. He's a poser.