Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

Cincinnati... the big city to the north. We live in Northern Kentucky, just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati. The Cincinnati Airport is actually located in Northern Kentucky. This part of Kentucky is often considered part of the Cincinnati area. Which is strange because we are in two different states. My husband and I lived in Cincinnati years ago. Since then we have lived in Chicago and in Philadelphia. Now we are back in the "Cincinnati area" but we are now across the river. We moved here because the airport is here and because my sister is here with her family.

Cincinnati Ohio and Northern Kentucky are divided by the Ohio River. These photos show the Cincinnati skyline north of the river, and Kentucky on the south side of the river.

The Riverfront area is shared by the City of Cincinnati on the north and the Cities of Covington and Newport, Kentucky on the south.

On the Cincinnati side of the river, there are two ballparks: one for the Cincinnati Reds and the other for the Cincinnati Bengals.

On the Kentucky side of the river, there are historic homes in Newport...

And a futuristic condominium building in Covington:

Downtown Cincinnati is much more built-up than the small cities in Northern Kentucky. But along the riverfront, Kentucky has been developing in a different way. It is fixing up its historic homes. New restaurants are opening. That new, futuristic building in the photo above was designed by Daniel Libeskind, a world renowned architect. He designed the building, which is called the Ascent at Roebling's Bridge, to sit at the foot of the old Roebling Bridge. He taught at the University of Kentucky from 1973 to 1975 and says he still has fond memories and good friends in the area.

I will write more about his building, the bridge, and other interesting places in the Cincinnati area. Since I am coming back to this area after 20 years, I am just getting to know it again.

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