Friday, December 5, 2008


It's not even winter yet, and I am yearning to be in this picture.


Susan said...

Hi Judy,

I did check out the article at the Huffington Post and yes the GG is (technically) a representative of the Queen who really is a figure head only and that is left over from days long gone by. I think it's pretty safe to say that the Queen was not involved in the GG's prorogue decision. We sort of pretend that we're still kind of a colony - no offense but better that than be swallowed up by the big beast to south of us - but we really remain tied to Britain only in an every now and then decorum kind of way. Happy Weekend.

judy in ky said...

Hi Susan,
Oh no, are we really "the big beast to the south?". I'm afraid Mr. Bush has exacerbated this worldwide view of our country. I hope some of that can be reversed in the future. Did you hear Obama's speech in Germany, when he spoke to the world about our relationship with the rest of the world? I loved it... that's when I became fully committed to him. I still have a copy of his speech that I printed out. Maybe I will post some of it on my blog.
Thanks for keeping in touch... it means a lot to me to have a neighbor there. One of my best friends in Philadelphia went to graduate school at McGill, lived in Montreal for a number of years, then Nova Scotia for a short time. The whole family still holds dual citizenship.

anya said...

I think "yearning" is such a beautiful word.

Susan said...

Hi Judy, I think Obama really changed everything. Think about it .. you went from 8 years of W (??) to the hippest, coolest, guy in politics ... I'm jealous.

You should post some of that speech. He really did change how the world views the USA ... and overnight.

You are the big beast I'm afraid but then we're just polite, love to spell with "ou" and we're kind of dull in a sweet and quiet manner. wink.

judy in ky said...

Anya, it is a rather dramatic word, isn't it? A bit like "soiree".

Susan, I am always polite and have been told that I am dull in a kind of sweet and quiet manner. Maybe I would feel at home there.