Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Blues, The Blahs, Whatever You Call It...

I had another post here with some really silly pictures of circus clowns portraying our politicians, but I took it down. It was too depressing. Yesterday, I was mired in the news, and feeling very blue about it. This is supposed to be a mellow, happy time of year... or so we are led to believe. But I haven't felt it much. Too much trouble going on in the world and too few of our leaders who seem to have the wisdom to do anything positive.

This morning, I read Susan's post about "blah". She was feeling blah yesterday. I was feeling blue yesterday. They feel pretty much the same, I think. But I liked her explanation better. And she had a nice photo to illustrate it. Much better than my circus clown/politician pictures from Google Images.

I have so many wonderful photos I would rather talk about. They represent many happy times and beautiful places I like to remember. My photos are not post-able though. They are all in photo albums and shoe boxes, not digital. I think there is a way to make them digital... I am investigating at the moment. Another technical dilemma for the baby boomer blogger.

Now I am going to go put on some Christmas music and ignore the news today.


Susan said...

Shut up ! No you shut up ! Hey there blah girl now we can be blah together.

You can get your photos all scanned and put on CD's at your favourite photo shop here's a link to our local photo place - just find a similar spot near you.

Hana Njau-Okolo said...

Stopped by here via 29blackstreet, I just picked an interesting looking link on her blogroll. And like you, I have tons of pictures in boxes in albums. Thank you for mentioning that and thank you Susan for the lead.

The rest of the week's gonna be just swell!

judy in ky said...

Susan... no you shut up! It sure is more fun being blah with you than being blah alone!

Thank you for the link. I'm following up on it.

judy in ky said...
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Mim said...

Hey you caught my blues/blahs and I too loved Susan's post. Of course I didn't love she was blah and you are blue.
Yes I wrote I finally turned off news and stopped reading financial stuff too.
Too too overwhelming.
Yes scan your photos onto Cd's and put them on your computer! Fun to do.