Monday, December 8, 2008

Winter Lite (So Far)

We had our first snow here over the weekend. Not even an inch, but it looks like winter now. Not too much like winter, just a dusting. Looks pretty, doesn't it? I don't mind this kind of snow. It's pretty but it doesn't really get in your way. We do have heavier snow here in Kentucky, but usually not this early.

We have a tree in our back yard that decorates itself... see all the little red berries that have popped up? I think that looks prettier than any man-made decoration I've ever seen. (They show up better if you click on the photo.) I do have a few man-made decorations. There is an elf sitting on my front porch, and a stocking by my fireplace that says "Mele Kalikimako"... Hawaiian for "Merry Christmas". It's a sort of "amulet" that I keep in hopes of being able to live there one day.


bb mcclain said...

Hello Judy and welcome to the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Don't ask me what "Commonwealth" means...and I was born and raised here. I'm guessing by the pic that you live in Louisville. Good blog...keep it up! I'll be back for a visit soon.

judy in ky said...

Hi bb, it's good to meet you. Yes, I moved from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
Thanks for encouraging me on my blog. I'm having fun with it!

Bearette24 said...

E has his own stocking :) I've always liked the song that says Merry Christmas in Hawaiian.

anya said...

Good morning, Judy....I got snow yesterday, only it was up to my thighs because of the drifting. I just cancelled my hair appointment in town and kept Katy home since we couldn't even get out of the garage! Had a great day actually.

I love your berry tree. Many more berry plants in your part of the country than in mine!